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Your BOOM? Our BÄÄM!

An affordable apartment? Very hard to get! Neither in Jena, nor in Weimar, nor in Erfurt. What is currently been celebrated as the „Thuringian real estate boom“ means for us as tenants more or less one thing: rising rents. Thus rents have risen about 26% in Erfurt from 2007 to 2015; in Jena the basic rent is above the national and far above the Thuringian average. Many people do have to spend an increasing percentage of their income on rents and they are afraid of forced displacement and involuntary relocation. Moreover, people moving to Thuringia have problems to even find a place to live. In Erfurt, Jena, and Weimar there is a massive lack of rental apartments for low-income earners, single parents, students, refugees, the elderly, …

This is due to the property market, which follows the capitalistic logic of profit maximization. It also involves a policy, which pushes the liberalization of the housing market and the privatization of living space. Altogether, this transforms our cities into a social danger zone in which many people fear the threat of relocation caused by this system. Our homes are neither investment objects nor is the „Thuringian Town Chain“ a diamond necklace. Therefore we will take back the city on April 7th with our first „Mietparade”.

Right to the city? I take the liberty!

  • We will go out onto the streets together, because we will no longer accept the sale and commercial exploitation of our cities. We want a policy that does not roll a red carpet for investors but a policy which will give us the right to good living spaces for everyone.
  • We will go out onto the streets together, because our cities are more than convention centers, outdoor museums or business locations with motorway junction and intercity express hub.
  • We will go out onto the streets together, because we do not want shopping zones with alcohol prohibitions, „danger zones“ and racial profiling in our cities.
  • We want to live in a city that is, diverse, colorful and non-commercial and which is shaped by ourselves.
  • We will go out onto the streets together, because the city belongs to all of us.

April 7th / 2 pm / Willy-Brandt-Platz (main train station)